Ali & Frankie – Clanard Court Hotel, Athy Co. Kildare

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Ali & Frankie-222Ali & Frankie met when she was 15 and he 17. They were set up by friends because, as Ali put it…..because Frankie had a car. 🙂 🙂

However, some time on, things cooled off for about a year after Frankie joined the army and was concentrating on his training and Ali went to Trinity to study nursing.

That wasn’t to be the end of Ali & Frankie’s story however as they soon fell back into each others arms! Six months later they got a little surprise when Ali announced she was expecting! In December 2013, their beautiful daughter Ava was born.

That New Years Eve, Frankie told Ali he wanted to let some lanterns on the green area outside of Ali’s parents home. Ali explained….It was cold and windy and I was wearing my “I just had a baby” tracksuit, complete with baby sick down the shoulder, but he insisted on going outside! We might have had a small argument at this stage :). I wasn’t one to mess with post baby!

Because of the weather, the lantern was a bit of a disaster and Frankie was acting overly dramatic about it, something that was starting to really annoy me!!

The lantern finally went up and I was standing there, with a carry tot, wondering, what was all the fuss about!!

Frankie turned to me and asked me to take off Ava’s blanket. I looked at him, non too impressed by his request considering how cold it was!

He said please so I got down and put the carry tot down with my back to him and took off Ava’s blanket. To my surprise, there was another blanket wrapped around her, one I didn’t recognise. I started to read the embroidered text on it… read, “Mammy, will you marry my Daddy?”

Shocked, I turned to Frankie and he was on one knee with a ring! I think I might have cursed a bit at this, 🙂 but I immediately said YES!!

Twelve weeks on and Frankie flew out to Lebanon for six months on a tour of duty, leaving me with planning the wedding…..and night feeds! 🙂

Ali went on to finish her nursing degree and started work in St James’s Hospital, Dublin. They then bought their new home and moved in just before the wedding….a whole other major stressful event!! How we ever walked up the aisle I’ll never know but on New Years Eve 2015 we finally did and it really was the best day ever!


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